Amul: Utterly Utterly Disappointing!

by Neena Gupta

The Amul billboards never fail to surprise me. Week after week, month after month, season after season, year after year, each of their billboards is refreshingly different from the earlier one. They show the Amul moppet girl in different contexts. The mascot never changes.  And I can’t but admire the minds that go behind creating these sharp-witted topical ads.

 This week, surprised I was, but for a different reason. The week’s take was on the famous ‘zoozoo’ characters of Vodafone. I personally love the zoozoos and am a proud member of its fan club too. But there was something wrong with the Amul billboard this time.  Where was the Amul moppet girl? Yes, I did see the red and white bow. She could be the Amul moppet girl wearing the zoozoo body suit.

To me, it looked more like a Vodafone ad trying to sell Amul butter than an Amul ad commenting on zoozoos.

I was always taught that a communication must remind you of only one brand, whether the brand’s logo appears or no.

The zoo zoo character, the black and white look, an object in colour, the neat font and the stark red patch is so reminiscent of Vodafone.

Some might argue that there have been ads in the past without the amul moppet girl. In the absence of the amul moppet girl, have we had a different character? No. Besides, in the absence of the moppet girl, nothing about the look of the billboard has changed – it’s casual font, the font in which the name ‘Amul’ appears, the colourful background. This Vodafone ad has done away with almost everything besides the red and white bow and the Amul logo which anyways lacks visibility.


I do realize that it is easy to criticize or comment on other people’s work but what if I had been given this task? Would it be any different?

A humble attempt on my part to retain the Amulness (Amul moppet girl and the Amul fonts) yet make a comment on the so famous Vodafone character.



(Disclaimer: This is not an original work. The faces have been taken from previously released Amul ads)

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